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Tudor House’s exhibitions fit into our themes:

  • Tudor and 17th century Worcester e.g oak furniture, bits of pottery, maps of Worcester, models of timber-framed buildings
  • Weaving (plus spinning, dyeing, clothing)
  • World War 2 in Worcester
  • Cadburys –  items about Richard Cadbury in Worcester, any vintage Cadbury chocolate items
  • Brewing and pub memorabilia (until 1920)
  • 19th century industry e.g metal working, baking, glove making
  • Memories/ memorabilia of Friar Street
  • Mid 20th century medical items related to previous uses by school clinic, dentist & school nurses.

Donating Objects

Tudor House is an Accredited museum and has a strict collecting policy. Whilst we understand that people want to find a good home for their objects, we cannot accept artefacts that do not fit with our policy. If you have something you would like to donate, please contact the manager to arrange a meeting.