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Family Friendly Museum Award SHORTLIST 22-06-2017

We can hardly believe it…our little socks have been knocked off with the shock…

We’re so proud that Tudor House Museum has been shortlisted as one of the


Huge thanks to everyone who nominated us! Credit must also go to the incredible volunteers here at Tudor House Museum who go out of their way to make sure every visitor feels welcome. They have been creative in their approach to making the museum family friendly, and innovative in developing events that appeal to families.

Dr. Dea Birkett, Creative Director of Kids in Museums, said “Congratulations to the Tudor House for reaching the shortlist in a very competitive year. It’s apparent that they do an awful lot with an awful little, proving it’s as much about the stories you tell and the attitude you have as the size of your collection or your budget. Tudor House is clearly committed to being part of their community and telling its story. And the dressing up box isn’t only for kids – but every size!”

Each of the 10 SHORTLISTED museums will visited anonymously by families over the summer, using the Kids in Museums mini manifesto as a guide to their family friendliness. For the complete shortlist, click here. The winner will be announced in October 2017.