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The Lost Story

Every building contains a lost story…

“The wealth of the town of Worcester standeth most by drapering, and no town of England, at this present time, maketh so many cloaths yearly as this town doeth.” John Leland, historian and antiquarian, 1540s

Tudor House was originally built as three separate houses for weavers, broadcloth makers, and their families, way back in the 1520s. Over the centuries, different people have shaped the way the buildings look until finally, in the 1900s, Richard Cadbury brought all three together as one.

We want to tell the lost story of the city’s weaving heritage, exploring the tale of the cloth trade, how it shaped the city and it’s fortunes. It’s a fascinating social history showing, for the first time in the city, how ordinary Tudor families lived and worked. We’ll be bringing to light the stories of the people Tudor House was a home to right from the start, a intriguing trip back in time!

The first arm of this enormous project is Revealing the Past. We’ll be fundraising to carry out a restoration project to the rare and beautiful embossed ceiling in the Tudor Chamber (see picture on left). This ceiling depicts prancing horses, fleur de lys, vines and, of course, Tudor roses that would all have been brightly painted when they were first put up.

The historic buildings conservator will peel away all the decades of white emulsion before carrying out a paint analysis. This will tell us what type of paints and what colours would have been used when it was first made. Then we’ll carefully restore the ceiling to those colours, revealing the ceiling as it would have looked originally.

The work will be carried out whilst the museum is open, so you can see the work in progress and talk to the conservators. There will be a series of talks and arts workshops around the images on the ceiling, and of course, there’ll be an opportunity to get involved in the restoration itself!

If you would like more information about the Lost Stories project, please email manager[@] or use the contact form on this page If you would like to donate to the project, you can do so on the Donate Now page – be sure to use the reference REVEAL PAST.