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Fond Farewells… 25-04-2018

We were really sad today to wave goodbye to our work placement student, Abi, who has been with us for the past few months and has been an enormous help (as well as the provider of vegan cookies!). Read her account of her time here below:

“For the past few months, I have been doing a university work experience placement here at Tudor House with the University of Worcester.

Before I started I had never even visited the museum, so I was a little nervous to get involved! However, I needn’t have worried, as Tonia and the rest of the team are all super friendly and welcoming. I was given a tour by the lovely and knowledgeable volunteers who really sparked my interest in the building. Even just standing on the gate chatting to other volunteers, I learnt far more about the history of the house than I ever could in a book.

My project at Tudor House led me to undertake some important work with regards to the collection, but also to get some practice engaging with visitors and room stewarding. My work on the feedback surveys gave me the chance to really get to know what our visitors think and come up with ideas for the future. This placement has provided me with vital work experience to further my career in the Heritage sector, and the chance to meet a fantastic team of people who care about history. I have particularly enjoyed my involvement with some of the top secret upcoming social media campaigns…so I won’t say anymore on that!

I have found Tudor House to be a treasure trove of lost stories, hidden mysteries and secret quirks! From the attic to the basement there is so much to see; every time I go around the museum I spot something new. It is so amazing to witness the hard work put in everyday by the people who keep Tudor House running. Hearing how the museum was saved and how it has transformed into the visitor attraction you see today is inspiring to say the least. The infectious enthusiasm, not only for History but for weaving and spinning, of the team at Tudor House creates a truly wonderful atmosphere. I would highly encourage other students to come and see what is on offer, and even to volunteer!

I have really enjoyed my time at Tudor House and hope to return as a volunteer in future. Thank you to everyone, volunteer or visitor, who made my time here so brilliant.”

Thank you Abi, and the very best of luck for the future!