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Guest Post 05-04-2017

Today’s blog comes from our just-departed placement student Lauren! Lauren is studying for a History degree at Worcester University and has been with us weekly since February, helping with all sorts of tasks and becoming an integral part of the team. As today is her last day, we thought we’d ask her to tell us how it’s been for her!

“Having come to an end of my work experience placement at Tudor House Museum, I am very grateful to all who have helped me over the last 10 weeks. It has been an opportunity of great value to me, as it has introduced me to the heritage within Worcester and general day-to-day running of a museum. It was interesting learning about the extensive history of the house and its inhabitants, while engaging with the data collection for the proposed developments surrounding the lost story of the Broadcloth industry in Worcester. I enjoyed the opportunity to research on behalf of the museum through a variety of tasks. Being given the chance input my own suggestions for improvements and opportunities to tailor the museum experience to my fellow young adults, left me feeling like a worthwhile member of the team despite being so new. I found the data collection, input and analysis somewhat therapeutic to do as a task, however I must admit that I am certainly relieved to not have to battle with another excel graph or bar chart in the near future!

The time around the Love Worcester Heritage Festival last month was a particular standout point for me. I loved helping with the setup of the art activities, and even enjoyed the surprise of having my photo taken with the Instagram frame. I certainly didn’t expect to see a photo of myself shared on Twitter, and my family thought that I had become a local celebrity!

I would like to thank all the volunteers at the museum who made me feel so welcome and took me under their wing while I found my feet, but in particular a huge thank you to Tonia. I am so grateful for the wide variety of tasks I have been allowed to partake in and the chance to experience daily life within a museum in Worcester. This experience has been memorable and will be advantageous in the future, as I finish my degree and step into the practical world of history and heritage.”

Thank you Lauren – we wish you all the very best for the future…whether it involves excel spreadsheets or no!