Tudor House is home to the Changing Face of Worcester project; digitising, researching and archiving the vast collection of slides and photographs once owned by Clive and Malcolm Haynes

The Haynes brothers had built up their collection over many years and for 30 years produced presentations of the images for the people of Worcester to view. These were no usual slideshows – up to six projectors linked to faders and computers, complemented by music and an excellently researched commentary. And the pictures were stunning! Buildings were constructed, aged, pulled down and replaced before your eyes.

In the early 2000s, the Haynes gave the collection to Tudor House to digitise and archive the images, so that it could be freely available via the internet, for anyone to access for their own research purposes. Over the past 5 years, some 8,500 of them have been digitised, and there are more to do!